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Europe Concise Gold Bone China Coffee Set Porcelain Tea Set

$43.17$354.21 Inc GST

SKU: 32813801374 Category:
1Coffee Cup2Cups n Holder4Cups n Holder6Cups n HolderCreamerFull SetPotSugar Bowl


Product Introduction


Brand: Freeson

Item: Coffee set (1set = 1 pot + 1 creamer + 1 sugar bowl + 6 coffee cups with 6 saucers & spoons)

Capacity (approx): Pot 960ml, Creamer 320ml, Sugar Bowl 350ml, Coffe cups 180ml*6

Material: Bone china

Craft: On-glazed

Package: Thicken foam package

Shipping date: Within 4 days since payment

Place of production: Chaozhou, China

Use: For Drinkware or Gift



Product Display





Pot 960ml (approx)





Creamer 320ml (approx)





Sugar Bowl 350ml (approx)





Coffee Cup 180ml (approx) with saucer & spoon





2 Cups + 1 Holder





4 Cups + 1 Holder





6 Cups + 1 Holder





Full Coffee Set ( 1 pot + 1 milk jug + 1 sugar jar + 6 coffee cups with 6 saucers & spoons)

Note: please follow the actual item due to a few errors between different monitors.





About Bone China Material




Bone China is a hybrid hard-paste porcelain containing bone ash.

Bone china is extremely hard, intensely white and will allow light to pass through it.

Strength is provided by the fusion of body ingredients during firing. This unique pottery body is made from the following: 50% animal bone, 25% china clay, 25% china stone. First or biscuit firing 1200 C – 1300 C. Second or glost firing 1050 C – 1100 C.

Calcined bone ash is used in the production of bone china and makes up about 50% by weight of the final body recipe. It is produced from animal bone, which is first processed to remove any adhering meat which is generally sold as pet food. The bone is then treated to remove glue, which is processed and upgraded for use in normal applications where glue is used, and also for the sizing of expensive paper. The raw bone which is left after the meat and glue have been extracted is then heated to about 1000 C at which temperature any residual organic material is burned off and the structure of the bone is changed to form suitable for the manufacture of bone china. The high temperature used also sterilizes the bone. Prior to use the bone is finely ground with water before inclusion in the bone china body and it is calcined bone which gives traditional English bone china its translucency and whiteness.


The Advantage Of Bone China

  • Easy to clean.
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Soft, bright, transparent and never fade.
  • Nice look, elegant, gentle and fashionable.
  • Exquisite craft: 2nd times-burnt, precise and complex.



Scope Of Application


  • Oven ×
  • Sterilizer
  • Microwave ×
  • Dishwasher



We Offer:


  • Wholesale (More quantity, Better price!)
  • Drop Shipping (without any infomation about us on the parcel)
  • Custom LOGO, Model or Image.



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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 20 cm
Brand Name


Kit Type

Over Eight-piece Set

Model Number



1pot+1creamer+1sugar bowl+6coffee cups


1000ml, 340ml, 360ml, 180ml*6


Bone china




Thicken foam package


Drinkware or Gift

Net Weight


Place of production

Chaozhou, China


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